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A Place for the most Rare of Loves

Find it in the Room of Requirement

A Gift Exchange for HP Rarepairs
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All Members , Moderated
This is a rarepair fic/art exchange for the general public. We will be exchanging fic and art rated G, PG, or PG-13. A rarepair is a pairing that is hard to find, whether it's canon or not.

Schedule for the exchange:
Sign-ups open - Immediately
Sign-ups close - Saturday, August 25th
Assignments sent - by Wednesday, August 29th
Assignments due - Sunday, September 30th
Stories and art posted during October

2006 Holiday Season Masterlist
2007 Spring Masterlist
2007 Fall Masterlist

If you request something, you understand that you are making a commitment to create something of quality in return.

1. Anyone can friend this journal for viewing pleasure, but only people who want to request and then create something in return may make requests.

2. Stories and art MUST adhere to the acceptable ratings (G, PG, PG-13).

3a. Stories must be at least 800 words, and should be edited extremely well. Betas are a good thing, and you know that you want your gift to be top quality, so return the favor. No one wants to read a poorly-written story.

3b. If you signed up for this exchange and bailed on me in the past, I will be ignoring any request you make and will not assign it to anyone.

3c. If you plan on just whipping something out at the last second and only running a simple spell-check, please go away.

4. No WIPs.

5. KEEP IT SECRET, KEEP IT SAFE. Authors/Artists will be revealed once all of the gifts have been given. :) Do not post your work anywhere else before the masterlist is posted.

6. Sign-ups will run until midnight MDT Saturday, August 25th. Assignments will be emailed out by midnight MDT Wednesday, August 29th.

7. Gifts are due NO LATER THAN Sunday, September 30th. Gifts will be posted throughout October. If, for some dire reason, you will not be able to complete your gift, let me know as soon as possible so I can make alternate arrangements.

If you would like to participate, comment on this post by filling out the following form:

LJ name:
Writer, Artist or both?

3 Male Characters you WON'T write/draw:
3 Female Characters you WON'T write/draw:

5 Male Characters that are your strength:
5 Female Characters that are your strength:
Are you willing to write Slash?

Would you rather receive art or a fic?
Three possible pairings, in order most to least, which you would like to receive:
Possiple scenarios you would like to see:
Name of an LJer that you trust to be contacted to answer questions about what you like:

There is no exchange festival happening for the time being.