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User: hprare_exchange (posted by msqu)
Date: 2007-10-24 01:41
Title: A Girl Named Actually
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Tags:het, millicent, theodore, theodore/millicent
Story for: hprare_exchange
Title: A Girl Named Actually
Pairing: Millicent Bulstrode/Theodore Nott
Rating: PG13
Summary: Four glimpses into the relationship of Millicent Bulstrode and Theodore Nott
Additional Notes: Thanks to S for once again being my beta and getting it back to me so quickly.

He waited patiently, occasionally making what he considered to be funny faces at the cakes contained in the display case, but for the most part simply standing still in the corner while her last customer of the morning made up her mind. The woman had come in half an hour ago and was still undecided as to whether a caramel bunt cake would be appropriate for a post funeral gathering. Millicent had proposed chocolate as an excellent alternative, but the woman had kindly told her that her great grandmother had been allergic to chocolate while she lived and it would seem inappropriate to eat it after the poor woman's funeral. After that, Millicent simply let the woman decide on her own; Millicent did have other things to attend to after all.

"Millicent, did I ever tell you that at my grandmother's funeral we ate a plain pound cake with strawberries for dessert?," Theodore asked from the corner where he'd been waiting. "It's actually a Bulgarian tradition. The cake adds a very nice simplicity to the meal and takes nothing away from the weight of the moment." The woman actually seemed to consider this idea for a moment before shaking her head and continuing with her inner-struggle. Theodore merely shrugged his shoulders. Millicent smiled back as she swept the small store.

The store was situated just outside of Diagon Alley in central London and had a variety of customers from both the Muggle and Wizarding Worlds. In the front of the store were the Muggle treats; cookies, cakes, tortes, pies, bunts, but in the back was a small selection of wizarding baked goods that very, very few of the Muggle customers knew about and even fewer asked for. For a shop not quite one year old situated in the middle of a metropolitan area where new shops came and went without a second glance Millicent had a good business.

"Ah, I've got it!," the woman said excitedly. "A strawberry torte will be the perfect dessert. It's not too ostentatious and my great grandmother would have loved it. Please tell me you have one here," she said pleadingly.

"Just one more," Millicent said. There were actually several in the back, but it was always good to make a customer feel like they'd gotten special service. They tended to come back more often that way.

"Oh, wonderful," the woman said as she immediately began rifling through her purse for her wallet. Millicent looked at Theodore with a spark of amusement in her eyes and then took the torte out of the display case and set it on a small work table close to the shop's single window. The table had been a handmade gift from Gregory as a sort of shop warming gift. He'd most likely made it in an attempt to get free baked goods out of her, but the gesture had been nice.

After the woman had had paid and left, the door chiming overhead as she walked out, Theodore smiled at her. ìMillicent,î he said with a small smile.

ìTheodore,î she said with a smile of her own as she took her apron off. ìNice suit, wherever did you get it?î

ìOh, some shop a few streets over. Iím wearing it to my fatherís funeral next week.î The suit was a beautiful gray Italian suit that had obviously been cut specifically for Theodoreís frame; it was obviously very expensive. The benefits of working for the Finch-Fletchley's, Millicent supposed.

ìNow thatís a shocker,î Millicent said dryly as she counted the money. Theodore had always been the one to rebel against the norm. Sheíd once asked him why he hadnít been grouped in with Gryffindor. ìNow that would be much too obvious, donít you think?,î heíd responded.

ìNo, I suppose itís not, but I had heard from my Uncle Lucius that if my father were to see me wearing a Muggle suit he may very well spin in his grave. Iíd like to see that, honestly,î he said after a pause.

ìHence the reason youíre attending.î

ìHence the reason I am attending,î he said with a mock bow. ìBut I donít want to bore you with all of that.î

ìYou mean youíve actually come here for a reason?î

ìI always come here for a reason,î he said with mock indignance.

ìNow thatís a lie, Nott, and you know it. Every Sunday you come here and watch me close up shop while eating a scone from a bakery on the other side of town.î

ìWell I've tried to help, but you always stop me.î

ìBecause you kept charming the broom in front of the Muggle customers and nearly got me in trouble with the Ministry,î Millicent said dryly.

ìOh, whatís a little trouble between friends?î Theodore said lightly. ìBesides, thatís all been settled now. Forgive and forget, right?î

Millicent snorted. ìFine. Now what's your reason for coming here today?î

ìWell, since you asked so kindly Iíll tell you. I'm going grocery shopping in Diagon Alley and I was wondering if you might like to come along,î Theodore said, his face turned away as he absent-mindedly picked at a loose thread on his suit.

ìAre you planning on changing, or should I get dressed up?î Millicent said.

Theodore looked down at his suit for a moment. ìDo you think itís a bit much?î

ìJust a tad, Theodore.î

ìOh very well, weíll stop by my flat, but donít get any ideas. Iím just changing and then we go grocery shopping.î

ìAs if I'd want to see your bony arse,î Millicent said with a roll of her eyes, though she couldnít help but feel her heart jump just a little at the idea of Theodoreís flat and it just being the two of them.

An hour later they stood before the slowly opening wall that would lead into Diagon Alley. Theodore was wearing a plain set of wizarding robes and Millicent stood beside him wearing a set of purple robes. ìYou know I donít see why you had to change as well. I thought you looked rather fetching in the dress you had on earlier.î

ìYou mean the one that had five different kinds of stains on and smelled like a great big bloody loaf of bread?î

ìYes, I believe thatís the one,î Theodore said facetiously as they made their way through the opening and into the streets of Diagon Alley.

ìOh shut up,î Millicent said and nudged Theodore to the right. ìNow what is it weíre shopping for?î

ìClams, angel hair pasta, parsley, tomatoes and some ingredients for what I hope will be a delightful cream sauce.î

ìAnd do you just plan to eat clams and angel hair pasta for a week?î

ìNot at all. I was also planning on getting a nice bottle of wine from my local grocer and some ice cream.î

"Ice cream?"

"Well, if the date goes well then we can both have ice cream," Theodore said with a cheeky grin.

"And if it goes badly?" Millicent asked, rounding on her friend.

"If it goes badly" Theodore said sullenly, "then I will be having ice cream alone, wonít I?"

Millicent laughed at that. "So when is she supposed to come over?"

"Who said it was a she?" Theodore said with a smirk. It had long been assumed during their Hogwart's years that Theodore was gay, thanks to his somewhat effeminate manner and his androgynous looks. "If you ask me, Draco's a much more obvious pick for the Slytherin's homosexual poster boy," he'd often said. He was left alone for the most part, though he was often the butt of Crabbe and Malfoy's jokes when Harry Potter was nowhere to be found.

"Fine, what time are they coming over?" Millicent asked quickly.

"Well, I'm not sure. I haven't actually gotten around to asking them yet," Theodore said quietly, his usual bounce seemingly vanished into thin air. "Do you think you could be there around seven?"

"Am I to actually meet one of your dates, Theodore?" Millicent chuckled at the very idea of it. She'd heard about Theodore's dates, but had never met a single one of them. A fact she was rather thankful for, as she was certain the minute she got within armís length of one of them she might strangle them. They never lasted more than a few dates before heíd break it off, though. Her own dating life was much worse. There'd been a few men since Hogwart's, Muggles mostly, but none of them seemed to have that same spark or connection she had with Theodore.

"No, I was hoping you'd be my date tonight, Millicent," he said as they kept walking.

"Honestly?" It wasn't like Theodore to joke or kid about such things. He always meant what he said; come to think it, it was one of his best qualities.

"Honestly," he said without looking at her as they continued their way through the market.

"Alright then," she said. It seemed so much simpler to her than anything she'd ever imagined, and yet here it was; she was going to have dinner at Theodore Nott's house. Her best friend would be her date for the evening.

Theodore grinned at that, but kept his eyes facing forward. No point in getting excited over a potential failure, he reminded himself. Still, he couldn't help looking over at Millicent once and smiling.


"Hannah tells me you're thinking of asking for Millicent's hand in marriage," Justin said off-handedly as he deftly knocked Theodore's serve back against the wall. Hannah had told him it might be nice for the two of them to have a break and for him to have a talk with his cousin-in-law. Justin had readily agreed as he and Hannah had been "trying" to have a baby for five days in a row now and he needed a break.

Theodore ran forward and tapped the ball back against the wall, but only enough so that it dribbled back along the floor on its rebound, earning an easy point for Theodore. "I am," Thedore said. "Now, where's your head at, Finch-Fletchley? We've been playing for half an hour now and you've shown me nothing that a first time player couldn't show me," Theodore said as he pulled his goggles up and placed them on top of his head.

"Apologies, Nott, I'm just a bit tired at the moment," Justin said as he copied the action.

"I suppose grunting and yelling in one's bedroom for two weeks can do that to a man." It was widely known to friends and family of Justin and Hannah that the two were trying to have a baby. Why his cousin had decided to include him in this group of people was beyond him though, save for the fact that he enjoyed playing racquet ball with his cousin's husband and it might be nice to know that if Justin were to miss one of their weekly matches, it was for a legitimate cause.

Being used to Theodore's thinly veiled jibes on and off the racquetball court, Justin just smiled at the comment. "So Nott when are you going to ask the question?"

"I'm not sure, actually. Her mother died when she was born and her father died a year after the war ended. Millicent was the only person who attended the funeral, so I'm assuming there isn't anyone to ask permission of..."

"No family at all?"

"At least none who liked her father enough to attend the funeral, not to mention the inheritance was left entirely to her, so..."

"Ah, well," Justin said, feeling somewhat awkward. "What's keeping you then?"

"I need a ring."

"That's all?"

"No, I'd like our marriage to be a sure thing, but seeing as I'll never receive a complete guarantee I have to go to the number two reason."

"I think we'd all like to have a guarantee for a sure thing in our marriage, bu-"

"It's alright, Justin. You don't need to assuage my fears today. Let's just play a little racquet ball, shall we," Theodore said, pulling down his goggles back over his eyes.

Justin smiled and pulled his goggles down. "Two serving ten," he said as he prepared to serve.


"Remind me why we can't just Apparate away," Millicent asked as they stood outside the doors of the rather small reception hall. The wedding had been everything she'd ever hoped for in a wedding. The groom had been there, the ceremony was quick and to the point and there hadn't been any cameras. Truly, there had never been so perfect a ceremony as the one she had just taken part in. Now if only the reception could just end.

"Don't worry, Millicent. I've brewed some Polyjuice Potion for Hannah and Justin to stand in for us after the first half hour. We'll sneak out the back."

"What are you smiling about, Nott?"

"I gave Justin your potion and I gave Hannah mine," he said, trying to contain a laugh as he imagined the looks of shock and anger on their faces.

"I knew I loved you for some reason, Theodore," she said, giving his hand a tight squeeze as they walked into the reception hall.


He waits patiently, occasionally making faces at the different customers while they pondered over the choices displayed before them, but for the most part just sitting in the corner. Would they buy a cream cake or an apple pie? A pecan roll or a few danishes for breakfast? Would they break tradition and buy a peach cobbler rather than their usual choice? He always suggested the cobbler, but they always took their usual. It didnít really bother him; as long as they made their choice and left so he and his wife could clean up the store and close for the night, he would be happy.
Millicent gives him a wink while the customers argue back and forth about whether or not their guests would appreciate such a heavy cake after an equally heavy casserole. Personally he believed that a nice crËme brulee might go well with the casserole, but he'd learned long ago that his opinion was not always appreciated. Especially when it came to matters of Millicent's business and anything having to do with her customers buying their desserts from another shop. Right now though, he was severely tempted to just kick the couple out of the shop and put up the closed sign on the door then promptly apparate home to be with his wife. She knew he couldn't resister her when her hair was all tied up in a bun, exposing her neck. It was just aching to be kissed.

She was a beautiful woman. Her hair was still the same luxurious brown he'd noticed in his second year. Her jaw still proud, her shoulders broad, her eyes calming and so easy to be lost in. Her body was still something he imagined seeing naked, standing over him, that smile on her face that spoke of wickedness and innocence at the same time...

"Millicent, dear, do you think you might fancy a night of seduction and sexual fulfillment? After work, of course," he said baldly as he cleaned his nails.

The customers were the first to react, both looking at each other and then at him. Theodore imagines he must look quite a sight to them. A man who is obviously quite tall despite his sitting down, and who looks to be nearing his late fifties, had just publicly asked a woman if she were interested in a night of sexual fulfillment. Theodore simply raised an eyebrow, a move he was sure would have made Snape proud had his Potions Master been alive to see it. Predictably the two of them turned their eyes to Millicent when they realized he wasn't going to give them anymore than that.

"Well, Theodore, that all depends," Millicent said calmly, though he saw her neck was still a little flushed.


"Would I be the seducer or the seducee for this romp in the hay," she said with an exaggerated wink, much to the embarrassment of the younger couple.

"Um Miss? We'd like to have the--"

"Hmm, I'm not certain." Theodore paused as if in thought and then said, "Excuse me sir, I don't mean to pry, but do you prefer to be the seducer or the sed-"

"We'll come back," the man said quickly as he pulled his wife along with him, the bell outside ringing as the door was swiftly opened and then closed.

"Who was the seducer last," Theodore asked as he stood up and began drawing the curtains.

"I believe it was me," Millicent said as she undid her apron, "but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested in being it again. If you're up for it, of course."

"Well, let me think it over for a moment. Hmm, yes I think I may very well be up for it," Theodore said dryly as a broom began to make it's way across the floor, sweeping up crumbs into a dustpan as it went.

"Are you ready, then?" Millicent asked as she walked from behind the counter to her husband's side.

"Very much so," Theodore said as he looked over at Millicent and couldn't help but smile.
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nyruserra: HP - Therapy fodder
User: nyruserra
Date: 2007-11-03 20:20 (UTC)
Title: (no subject)
Keyword:HP - Therapy fodder
This was very well done - I like the very comfortable relationship you've crafted between Millicent and Theodore :-) Millicent is nicely characterized, and very believable - which is difficult to do with such a minor character. *offers cookies*
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User: phil_urich
Date: 2008-01-25 03:09 (UTC)
Title: (no subject)
Thank you so much, I'm not sure how I missed this comment, but thank you. I really like writing Millicent and Theodore though I do it pretty rarely.
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User: merlins_babe
Date: 2009-02-26 03:19 (UTC)
Title: (no subject)
This story has been rec'ed at
The Golden Seeker
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