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Fall 2007 Masterlist - A Place for the most Rare of Loves
Find it in the Room of Requirement

Boca. posting in A Gift Exchange for HP Rarepairs
User: hprare_exchange (posted by msqu)
Date: 2007-11-05 18:47
Title: Fall 2007 Masterlist
Security: Public
Setting:work shmerk
SoundtrackJet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
Wow! We're finally finished! Thank you to all the wonderful writers, the life-saving pinch hitters, and those of you have have been thoughtful and actually commented on stories! You've all made this another fun run of the HP Rare Exchange!

The Incredibly Strange Story of a Creepy Girl in Love, Bellatrix/Alice [PG13]
Written by sweetcarolanne for peskywhistpaw

A Good Exercise in Potions Theory, Severus/Petunia [PG]
Written by pesha for shanaeplusb2

Through Winter's Dusty Memories, James/Petunia [PG]
Written by potter_wars for bethyb00sh

Sink or Swim, James/Remus [PG13]
Written by msqu for targristiel

The Plan, Sirius/Lily [PG13]
Written by ohstarling

Good Things, Regulus/Lily [PG]
Written by piartemis18 for msqu

A Ghost of a Chance, Regulus/Hermione [PG13]
Written by nepthysmoon for pesha

Hope Like Smoke, Oliver/Hermione [PG]
Written by nepthysmoon for nyruserra

Breaking Ground, Seamus/Hermione [PG13]
Written by nyruserra for nepthysmoon

One, Two, Three, Four, Charlie/Hermione [PG]
Written by codenamelily for potter_wars

House of Paper, Hermione/Luna [PG]
Written by alexandramuses for fated_addiction

it's odd, that sense of rhyme, Ginny/Luna [PG]
Written by fated_addiction for alexandramuses

Avant Notre Vie Commence, Gabrielle/Luna [G]
Written by peskywhistpaw for sweetcarolanne

Redefining Sanity, Percy/Luna [PG]
Written by shanaeplusb2 for codenamelily

Foregone, Percy/Penelope [G]
Written by bethy_b00sh

Freckles, Neville/Hannah [G]
Written by targristiel for piartemis18

A Girl Named Actually, Theodore/Millicent [PG13]
Written by phil_urich

A New Definition of Beauty, Ernie/Lavender [PG13]
Written by idea_of_sarcasm for phil_urich

A Pair, Teddy/Victoire [G]
Written by msqu for ohstarling
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